Chairmassage is an effective pressure point massage for your head, back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms and hands. Chairmassage is a powerful and effective way that allows people to relax in very little time. The masseur uses the thumbs, palms and elbows of the body the press into meridians and acupressure points.

Not only does this have a relaxing effect, it also works preventative and helps to lift existing complaints. Chairmassage enhances your wellbeing. The massage is based on traditional Japanese acupressure techniques and is designed especially to give chairmassages on location.

The effects

  • The muscle tension is relieved, this helps you relax.
  • The circulation of blood and lymphs are stimulates. By-products are more easily broken down. It is important to drink lots of water afterwards.
  • Chairmassage enhances your intake of oxygen and nutrients. 
  • The body and mind relaxes. This reduces tension in your body.
  • Headaches can dissapear.
  • It reduces fear and stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine.
  • It enhances happy hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine en endorphins.
  • Muscles and joints are more supple and firm.

The best effect you will reach with a massage once every two weeks. If you already have complaints, once a week is recommended.

The massage will take up a small half hour and is given on a specially designes chair. This chair completely supports your body, so your body is able to relax. A chairmassage doens’t require the use of oil and you can keep all your clothes on. Some people do find it comfortable to wear loose fitting clothes, but it is not necessary.