Classic Massage

Classic massage is the wellknown body massage where the masseur treats the tissue (skin, muscles, lymphs) by kneading and rubbing through specific movements. These movements are divided into five groups:

  • Effleurage (long easy strokes)
  • Petrisage (kneading)
  • Frictions (firm massage on one place, often in rotating movements)
  • Vibrations (shaking / stirring)
  • Tapotage (gentle rapping)

This form is as old as mankind. Each form of massage is in a way related to the classic massage.

Effleurages highly appreciated by everyone, especially because this technique is very gentle, where the masseur stretches the body through long strokes. For example, your back will be stretched from neck to your tailbone. This will allow the muscles and the vertebrae to stretch and at the same time relax.

Petrisages are the kneading movements “round the shoulders”. The gentle kneading, in combination with calm strokes from neck to shoulders, allows the base of your shoulders and your shoulderblades to relax and move back into their proper position. You feel better immediately.

By frictions the masseur works on the underlying tissue to stimulate the bloodcirculation. Frictions can be somewhat painful, especially when the connective tissue is cluttered. This is what we call adhesion between the connective tissue and the muscles, they often feel like and are referred to as ‘knots’. The masseur will often use a combination of petrisage with frictions to make the connective tissue more loose.

Vibrations are used to shake loose whole musclegroups, think for example of having cramps of shaking loose your calves.The shaking provides loose muscles and a good bloodcirculation. This will lead to a better nerve stimulation, which reduces sensory stimulus.

Tapotage is the rapping on the skin and muscles, where the hands of the masseur are slightly cupped. It influences the bloodvessels, where (depending on the technique) the vessel walls contract or expand. This either relaxes or activates the muscles.

A classic massage can also be diveded in small parts. A full massage takes about 60 minutes. A feature massage (back, legs/feet, arms/hands) takes about 30 minutes.