Hot stone Massage

Other names to recognize hotstonemassages are: Lavastone, Yoastone, LaStone.

The massage

Hotstonemassage is good for people with aching muscles, sprained muscles or tension, a lowered bloodcirculation, backache, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, many menstruation complaints and because it is such a relaxing massage, hotstone also helps with stress and anxiety (though not with burn-out complaints).

Hotstonemassage is quite similar to a classic massage. It is an oilmassage and it focusses mainly on the skin and muscles. But hotstonemassage also has an energetic aspect through the consistency of the stones. It’s not from our Western society in origin. Other cultures have known the massaging of the body with use of ‘hot stones’ for many centuries.
The Egyptians for example used the stones to enhance and stimulate the bloodcirculation and lymphs, they also used it for relaxation. Native Americans used the stones traditionally in sweatlodges.

Hotstonemassage uses nice and smooth lavastones from nature. They have a temperature between 45 and 50 degrees. Through the warmth of the stones the masseur is able to go deeper into the muscles. If warmth feels good to you, this is definitly the massage for you.

Hotstonemassage is not just the use of stones, it is a tool and an addition the masseur uses to give the massage.

When should you not have a hotstonemassage?

When the outside temperature reaches 25 degrees, it is better not to have a hotstonemassage. The body has insufficient means to ‘cool down’ at such temperatures.
Furthermore this massage is not suitable when having a fever or varicose veins and when you have cancer (because it activates the lymphs). Other conditions such as heart disease, bloodpresure problems, diabetes or pregnancy ask for caution. Consult with your doctor if you want to have a hotstonemassage and be open and honest with your masseur. It is for your own benefit! 
It is important to consider these things if you want to have one or several hotstone treatments.
A hotstonemassage takes about 90 minutes, 60 minutes is a possibility if requested.