Harp & Healing

Healing is a form of working with universal energy. In this form the energy is transferred through the hands. So ‘laying on of hands’ in short. The person who’s hands are used, does not heal, he or she is only the vessel through which the energy flows. It is the receiver of the energy who, although not consciously, does all the work.
This work consists of giving enough ‘fuel’ to the body and spirit to maintain or achieve balance. The positive side-effects of this is that illnesses, caused by disharmony, lessen or even disappear altogether. Because the body is feeling comfortable, your emotional body will also start to feel well. It also works the other way around, if your emotional body feels well, this will have effect on your physical body, thus creating an upward spiral.
This positive change will not only effect you, but it will also affect everything you do and with it, your surroundings.

Every human being has the ability within themselves to use this energy, to give. Just take a moment and wonder where your hands go if a child just took a fall; to the sore spot. This doesn’t require an education, this is a natural born gift, every living creature can do it. What you would unconsciously do in the example of the child, you would consciously use in a Healing treatment.

The harp is perhaps the most perfect ‘healing’ instrument. With its flowing sound the harp is very soothing and refreshing to most people. Omega combines Healing & Harp through meditation. A musical meditation or a guided meditation with a specific topic.

What Healing or Universal Energy exactly is one can hardly explain, if at all. Whether it is suitable for you or not, there is only one person who can decide and that is you. Some people go with their ‘gut feeling’, others need ‘hard evidence’. Healing might give you that, but only through personal experience. The question you should ask yourself is this; “Does it matter why I feel better as long as it harms nobody?” If you have an open mind and want to experience a pleasant and relaxing treatment, we’re sure you’ll leave with a pleasant experience and you’ll feel better and more balanced.

Duration of Healing sessions vary from person to person, you’ll get an indication of the duration of your Healing session free of charge.

Lisa plays on Camac Harps.