Besides massage and Healing it is also possible to book a coaching session or sessions at Omega. Many people have (fortunately) a partner, parents, friends where they can come to for advice, a shoulder to cry on or the so called ‘kick in the butt’.

Sometimes however it is nice to discuss your problems with a total stranger, an outsider if you will, who doesn’t know the ins and outs of your life, but can help you move on. At Omega we strive to help you find the answer yourself and come to a solution.

We do this in 30 or 60 minute sessions. A first intake will take 90 minutes and this may very well be all we need when we’re dealing with a very specific problem to help you on your way. Follow up appointments are always discussed and together we decide the frequency.

It’s not our intent to make you dependent on the services of Omega. It is our goal to give you the tools to move on in your life and to learn how to recognize your own defaults so you can recognize them next them you stumble upon a situation and you will know how to act or even completely avoid it.

Problems can vary from trouble with relationships to financial trouble. Of course we’re interested in the nature of the problem, but we’re even more interested in its origin. Why do we do something? Why do things make you happy or just the opposite? Together we will discover your own patterns and how to break through them so you are consciously in control of your own decisions.

Don’t think ‘but I’ve had my problem for years now, it’s far too big’, this too is a learned (nurtured) response. And the good news is, what is nurtured, can be changed!